Tribute to Father

L-1 Albert Vardanyan
R-2 Gevorg Vardanyan (Father) | R-1 Gohar Sarksyan (Mother)

Albert’s father, Gevorg Vardanyan, was a master dudukist and a devoted father and husband. He was also Albert’s biggest inspiration and teacher. It is due to Gevork’s devotion and commitment to teaching his son the craft of duduk that lead Albert to become one of the most notable performers and teachers of the craft of the Armenian woodwind instruments.

Although Gevorg passed away in 1962, when Albert was a young child of 14 years, he will forever remain in Albert’s heart as his first teacher and lifelong inspiration. When asked to share his one wish, Albert replies that he wishes his father were alive today to see how that one fateful gift he gave to him in 1957 (his father gave Albert his first duduk) were to change his son’s destiny forever.