Present Time

After arriving to the United States in 1989, Albert immediately began immersing himself in the local music culture. Upon arrival he was discovered by composer Andranik Mouradyan, who asked Albert to join his band, Ani. Albert joined the Ani band and has been working with them ever since. With Andranik’s sponsorship Albert also recorded his first album in 1991.

Soon after, Albert started producing, composing, and performing music for the Hollywood movie industry. There was a demand for the soulful sound of the Armenian wood-winds, however at the time there weren’t enough qualified performers to fill in the demand. Albert quickly became a sought after performer and worked with such notable Hollywood producers, directors, and composers as Renee O’Connor, Raymond Chow, Frank Mankuso, Robert Scott, Joe Lo Duca, Ricky Tims, Christopher Young, as well as famous Armenian composers Henrik Anassian and Andranik Mouradyan. He was also doing projects for recording studios, such as Peco Records and movie studios like Disney and Warner Brothers. Albert was also giving special performances at UCLA and UCSB.

Since 1996 Albert has been a member of the Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble, giving dozens of nationwide and worldwide performances, and he is also a distinguished member of the world-renown . With corroboration of, Albert has produced two instructional duduk videos which can be purchased at the website. Albert continues to dedicate his time to teaching woodwinds and making reeds for hundreds of interested students, including performers from the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, Yani’s band, and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. It is his mission in life to pass on his craft and to educate the world about the unique beauty and soul of the Armenian woodwind instruments.