Early Life

Albert was born in Echmiadzin, Armenia on July 24, 1948, the eldest of two sons to Gevorg (a French Armenian musician) and Gohar (an Eastern Armenian nurse). His brother was William, also a musician. Young Albert was curious about music from early age and displayed talent and passion for it as early as age five. At age nine he received his very first instrument (duduk) from his father and felt an immediate connection with it. The duduk has a very soulful sound and Albert was inspired to learn more and more. At age nine Albert also enrolled in music school and graduated with honors seven years later. At 15 he learned the accordion and started singing along and performing at special occasions. At this time he has writing the lyrics for many songs, which he performed.

At age 17 Albert was drafted in to the army where he served in the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi. Fortunately his talent for music was already beginning to pay off. He was quickly placed in the army’s song and dance ensemble where he performed the duduk and the accordion. He considered himself privileged to be part of the army’s ensemble, as very few talented performers were able to get in.

After the army Albert began teaching music at the Hamar Mek music school in Echmiadzin and in 1971 he married his wife Hasmik Marabian. In 1972 their eldest son George was born, followed by their daughter Tina and youngest, Gary. In ’79 he graduated from the music college in Echmiadzin and immediately enrolled in the prestigious music conservatory in Yerevan, Armenia. While studying at the conservatory Albert was working in Yervand Saharuni’s National song and dance ensemble as well as teaching music at two reputable music colleges in Armenia – Romanos Melikian in Yerevan and the Music College in Echmiadzin. His professorship was had become famous and hundreds of students came to him to learn the intricate crafts of Armenian wood-winds. In 1984 Albert graduated from the music conservatory he continued to teach and tour world-wide, with dozens of inter-continental performances. At the time he was working with such notable music giants as Manuel Beglarian, Xachatur Avetisyan, Armen Madakunyan, Grand Torosyan, and Gerork Manasyan, who expressed nothing but gratitude and appreciation for having the opportunity to work with Albert, whom they considered “an academically trained masterful professional”.

In 1989 Albert and his family migrated to the United States where Albert took his music career to a whole new level.